• efficient use of energy highest efficiency
  • innovative technique innovation
  • reducing costs sustainable concepts
  • highest efficiency

    Investing in SOLconnect has many advantages. A very decisive is the enormous cost savings. It is important to know that you cannot do anything wrong using SOLconnect - you can only do much better by taking advantage of the latest technology for your home.
  • innovation

    From project planning to after sales service: Everything from one single source! A turnkey system specific to your needs.
  • sustainable concepts

    This project includes 4 washing stations and floor heating for the gas station shop and café. The entire heating technology is placed in the 20' container. Having 72.8 kWp of SOLwash solar panels on the roof the SOLwash system achieves energy savings of up to 50-55%. This corresponds to an annual saving of ~ 8,950 liters of heating oil or ~ 20.8 tons of CO2.

our product range

SOLwash - flexible planning and after-sales-service - both from one source. SOLtechnik works on turn-key solutions of solar systems for car wash centers. All solutions are tailored to the particular needs of the customers.
SOLtechnik offers innovative control engineering with the product SOLconnect. SOLconnect leaves nothing to be desired as it is an all purpose solution and quite simple to apply.
With SOLhydraulics perfect hydraulic management meet modern control technique. The fresh-water system is an important and integrative part of the product.
With SOLprojects the engineers of SOLtechnik offer customized solutions in the range of large scale projects regarding solar-thermal energy and drying plants.